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Threaded coil heat exchanger unit
Corrugated tube heat exchanger unit
Floating coil heat exchanger unit
Column tube heat exchanger
Shell and tube heat exchanger
U-tube heat exchanger
1 sleeve heat exchanger
Oil to oil heat exchanger
Oil-steam heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger
Volume type heat exchanger
Helix plate heat exchanger
Air heat exchanger
Finned tube heat exchanger
Steam drum ~ steam drum
Diversity water collector
Diaphragm pressure tank
Bladder type pressure tank

Shijiazhuang Shihuan Heat Exchange Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise producing heat exchange equipment and environmental protection equipment. It is a national first and second class pressure vessel design and manufacturing enterprise and has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification. The company has a sound quality assurance system, strong technical force, advanced welding technology and complete testing methods, and has become a comprehensive production enterprise integrating R & D-manufacturing-sales services.

The products are sold to many provinces and cities in the country and exported to the Mongolian People's Republic. The company has always adhered to the "innovative, efficient, harmonious, first-class" spirit of enterprise, regards quality as life, and has been paying close attention to quality for many years to meet customer requirements as its purpose. The industry has been spot-checked for many years and the products are qualified.

In the future, Shihuan will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "honesty, excellence" and customer-oriented service reputation with first-class work quality and product quality, and provide users with high-quality products and services through a sound quality system.

Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us, cooperate and develop, and create brilliant.

main products:

Heat exchange unit: steam-water mixing unit. Plate heat exchange unit. Floating coil heat exchange unit. Spiral plate heat exchange unit.

Heat exchangers: spiral plate heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, corrugated tube heat exchangers, floating coil heat exchangers, U-tube heat exchangers, corrugated tube heat exchangers, steam water heaters, steam-mixed heating Air condensers. Various filters and non-standard heat exchangers. Pressure vessel storage tanks.

Energy-saving products; patented mechanical combustion products for vertical boilers, deaerators, condensate water collectors, mechanized grate, etc.

Coal coking equipment; horizontal tube primary cooler. Mechanized ammonia water clarification tank. Tube furnace. Ammonia splitter. Mist compensator. Rectification tower. Desulfurization tower. Saturated sprayer. Ammonia washing tower. Benzene washing tower. Heater. Ammonia water heat exchanger. Crude condenser.

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